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Through the art works of an artist, so the saying goes, cultural progress of a civilization can be recorded. Among the members of a society in that civilization, some individuals, including artists, have visions of what their society, in the past, present and the future. Artists, in their contribution, create visual, auditory, verbal and literary archives. Visual artists create the representation of their era through paintings, sculptures and many medium of fine art.   Thus, how a civilization develops can be judged from the quality of the art works that represent it.

A society that organizes itself in its attempt to keep record of its past, should maintain what is created and then left by its members, who are the artists. However, maintaining these evidences of civilization is not easy task. It takes enormous efforts, dedication as well as persistence by government and by society who have the awareness to do so.

As an art museum functions more than just a center for displaying art work, that is it assumes the role as a center of visual information, to name a few, it is normally built not only to house the past artifacts of the civilizations, but also help to plan for the future. Therefore, given the tantamount responsibility, persistence as well as resources, the establishment of a museum is normally shouldered by the government, a body in the government, or a group of investors with a sound know how and financial resources. With this in mind, it is really a great surprise for the art scene of Bali, to see an individual who has a commitment to art to establish a private art gallery called Museum Rudana.

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